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Pete Stinson of Operation Homefront PA/DE Returns

This week’s show, Sunday February 9, 2014, is dedicated to exploring the various ways that Operation Homefront helps military families during difficult financial times. Returning to the show to assist us in gaining perspective on this matter is our guest, Pete Stinson. Pete is the Executive Director of Operation Homefront PA/DE and is one very busy guy. Before we have him come on the show and tell us about last year’s efforts and what they have planned for 2014, let’s tell you a little about Pete’s history with Operation Homefront.

Pete Stinson joined the Operation Homefront of PA/ DE team as Executive Director in June 2010.  During his time as Executive Director, Operation Homefront of PA/ DE has experienced tremendous growth.  Between 2010 and 2011, the Chapter tripled the number of needs met and the total amount of assistance provided to our local service members and their families.  In addition, the Chapter saw a 5% increase in revenue to meet the growing need.  This increase was due to a diverse fundraising base that included individuals, corporations, foundations, grants, and networking.

Volunteer recruitment and expansion has been substantial part of this success as a network of Regional Coordinators has been established throughout the territory over the last two years allowing the Field Office to become involved in more local community events.  The Field Office has also expanded its role in outreach to the military with personal relationships with local military contacts across the PA/DE territory.

We are really excited to have Pete Stinson visit the show this week. If you are interested in learning more about Operation Homefront, you can find more information on their website at and for information in Pennsylvania and Delaware at is some basic information, but we really encourage you to reach out to Pete and his team either at their website or on social media.
Twitter: @OpHomefrontPADE  /  Facebook:
What Does Operation Homefront Do?
Operation Homefront is a national non profit military assistance organization.  Our local Field Office provides emergency financial assistance and morale programs to the service members and their families while they are deployed and those injured, ill, or wounded post 9/11 service members who have returned home.  The main requests that come in are for housing, utilities, car payments/repairs, furniture, moving, and food assistance.
Our organization works directly with service members and their spouses who served in either Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Our goal is stop the snowballing effect of financial problems and to pay bills that are behind to prevent eviction, utility shut off, car repossession, or lack of food.  These types of financial problems tend to snowball into greater problems such as homelessness, hunger, breaking up of families, or even suicides.  We work to straighten out their issues with dedicated caseworkers and certified financial counselors.  We collect documentation to verify their case including an application, household budget, identification, proof of income, orders or DD214, and pertinent bills.  Once we identify where the emergency is, we direct funds to the creditors accordingly.  The goal is to get the individual or family out of the financial hole and make sure they are able to stand on their own again next month without having to request assistance again.  These cases are referred by VAs, FRGs (who are liaisons to the local units), Chaplains, and other organizations.
Additional info:
If you want to take a look at the financials for the PA/DE Chapter before we transitioned to a Field Office, you can find that information along with the annual report at  If you want to take a look at the financials and annual reports for National, you can view them at  We do not receive any government funding and depend fully on donor funding to operate and to provide the above mentioned services.
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