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Interview with Guests for July 26, 2014 – Musselman Flooring & Home Inspection

Our guests for this week are a hardworking family in both the flooring and home inspection industries, Dave Musselman and his two sons Jason and Jon. First, we will speak with Dave Musselman, the patriarch of the family. Tell us Dave, how did Musselman Custom Flooring get started?


sm_daveDave Musselman: In 1943 my father, Harold Hunsberger Musselman, worked for his uncle Joe Weber, who was a sizeable contractor in the area employing 20 to 30 men. His uncle needed a floor refinisher and my father had learned the trade so it was a natural fit. Uncle Joe purchased my father his first flooring machines which he paid back with the money he made from sanding floors.

In 1945 my father went into business for himself sanding and refinishing hardwood floors. His work spoke for itself by pure and simple perfection. My father was proud of his chosen career which was evident in his work. When each job was complete customers became friends who would then recommend my father to other friends. The foundation of his business was honesty, pride in work, product quality, customer service, and perfection from start to finish. Nothing else would do, period.



At what point did the focus of the business shift?


Dave Musselman: In the 1960’s I began to work with my father helping him out here and there. By this time he had branched out into other aspects of home improvements. These areas included tile, Formica, linoleum, kitchens, bathrooms, and of course hardwood flooring installation. Business was moving right along. In 1971 I started working for my father full time. Our main focus was still on hardwood floors.

In 1989 my father retired which left me at the helm. By this time my sons were old enough to go to work with me part time and learn the trades. Both of my sons worked with me through high school and college and after graduating decided to go into the family business. 2012 will mark our 67th year in business. The foundation of our business is still steadfastly in place. Honesty, pride in work, product quality, customer service, and perfection from start to finish. Nothing else will do, period!


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Now we will talk with your son Jon. Jon, tell us about what your goal was with Musselman Home Inspection?


Tell us a little about your background, including working with the family business.

Jon Musselman: As my father mentioned, I come from a third-generation family-owned construction company known for craftsmanship and attention to detail. He first started working for his father when he was just old enough to walk (literally!).

While completing my Technology Education Bachelor’s Degree at California University of Pennsylvania, I continued working for the family business in the summers, and  spent my weekends in Pittsburgh renovating older homes. After I completed college, I returned East to the family business, full-time. Over the past 10 years, I have worked extensively in construction, all the way from framing to finish carpentry.

So what prompted you to start a home inspection business?


Jon Musselman: Well, after buying and selling several homes of my own, I realized the challenge in finding good home inspectors who were available not just during the days, but also on nights and weekends, to accommodate the working professional. I also realized that with my background, I would be able to provide not only lists of problems, but viable solutions to them. And so I decided to start Musselman Home Inspection, LLC.

I am also a member in good standing of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI). Inspections are conducted in accordance with the NAHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, a copy of which is provided at the beginning of the inspection and is also available at

Here is a recap from the show:
And here is a portion of our discussion with Jon Musselman about Home Inspections:
If you would like to contact Musselman Custom Flooring or Musselman Home Inspection, check out the contact info below:
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