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Click Here to Download the 10 Year Tax Abatement Case Study



John Westrum CEO of Westrum Development

This week our guest John Westrum, CEO of Westrum Development Company will be joining the show to discuss the controversial Philadelphia 10 Year Tax Abatement Law which is offers a serious incentive to make improvements to existing structures in Philly as well as a huge incentive to new construction projects.

Rather that just sharing his opinion on the matter, John has done extensive research into the long-lasting effect of this initiative and would like us to share some of that research with our listeners prior to this Sunday’s show.

Here is a case study that was conducted by John Westrum in association with Kevin C. Gillen, Ph.D. of Fels Institute of the University of Pennsylvania.

Go to the link here:

The case study examines the net fiscal impact of a newly constructed tax-abated development project in Philadelphia.

Tune in to this Sunday’s show to hear more on this topic as we continue to share the timely truths you need to know about in order to be successful in today’s ever changing economy.

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