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Author and Jewelry Expert Susan Eisen Visits the Show

Book-CoverThis past Sunday Hope Matters Radio invited to the show Author & Jewelry Expert Susan Eisen, who is the nation’s most sought-after inheritance planning expert, to share her insights with our listeners. More than three decades of working with clients and clients’ heirs and hearing countless tales of inheritance heartaches and family breakups inspired Ms. Eisen to develop a powerful new way for everyone to be more satisfied with their inheritances, thus preserving family ties and good memories of the deceased.

If you are concerned about your family fighting after your death or are concerned about the proper way to prepare for that time period it is essential that you tune in to our podcast.

Susan is the author of the book The Myth of the Million Dollar Dishrag and she talks about the emotional and sentimental value that an object with relatively no monetary value can at times be the spark that ignites serious family disputes over estate dispersal.


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